Commit ecda86fa authored by Camilla Löwy's avatar Camilla Löwy
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X11: Fix no window position events during resize

A window resize action that also resulting in the window being moved did
not emit any window positions events, as the position of real
ConfigureNotify events was ignored.  The real events use parent
coordinates instead of root coordinates so this adds parent tracking and
conditional translation.

Fixes #1613.

(cherry picked from commit fe57e3c2921a1901390534e1e51053df70b5644b)
parent 359f0e10
......@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@ information on what to include when reporting a bug.
- [X11] Bugfix: Changing `GLFW_FLOATING` on a hidden window could silently fail
- [X11] Bugfix: Disabled cursor mode was interrupted by indicator windows
- [X11] Bugfix: Monitor physical dimensions could be reported as zero mm
- [X11] Bugfix: Window position events were not emitted during resizing (#1613)
- [Wayland] Bugfix: The `GLFW_HAND_CURSOR` shape used the wrong image (#1432)
- [NSGL] Bugfix: `GLFW_COCOA_RETINA_FRAMEBUFFER` had no effect on newer
macOS versions (#1442)
......@@ -180,6 +180,7 @@ typedef struct _GLFWwindowX11
Colormap colormap;
Window handle;
Window parent;
XIC ic;
GLFWbool overrideRedirect;
......@@ -1258,6 +1258,18 @@ static void processEvent(XEvent *event)
switch (event->type)
case CreateNotify:
window->x11.parent = event->xcreatewindow.parent;
case ReparentNotify:
window->x11.parent = event->xreparent.parent;
case KeyPress:
const int key = translateKey(keycode);
......@@ -1542,18 +1554,28 @@ static void processEvent(XEvent *event)
window->x11.height = event->xconfigure.height;
if (event->xconfigure.x != window->x11.xpos ||
event->xconfigure.y != window->x11.ypos)
int xpos = event->xconfigure.x;
int ypos = event->xconfigure.y;
// NOTE: ConfigureNotify events from the server are in local
// coordinates, so if we are reparented we need to translate
// the position into root (screen) coordinates
if (!event->xany.send_event && window->x11.parent != _glfw.x11.root)
if (window->x11.overrideRedirect || event->xany.send_event)
Window dummy;
xpos, ypos,
&xpos, &ypos,
window->x11.xpos = event->xconfigure.x;
window->x11.ypos = event->xconfigure.y;
if (xpos != window->x11.xpos || ypos != window->x11.ypos)
_glfwInputWindowPos(window, xpos, ypos);
window->x11.xpos = xpos;
window->x11.ypos = ypos;
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