Commit d8a1de0e authored by Doug Binks's avatar Doug Binks Committed by Degrande Samuel
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Added glfwGetCurrentUserContext

parent 1f752fb1
......@@ -5647,6 +5647,12 @@ GLFWAPI void glfwDestroyUserContext(GLFWusercontext* context);
GLFWAPI void glfwMakeUserContextCurrent(GLFWusercontext* context);
/*! @brief Get the current OpenGL user context
GLFWAPI GLFWusercontext* glfwGetCurrentUserContext(void);
/*! @brief Returns whether the Vulkan loader and an ICD have been found.
* This function returns whether the Vulkan loader and any minimally functional
......@@ -802,3 +802,9 @@ GLFWAPI void glfwMakeUserContextCurrent(GLFWusercontext* handle)
if (context)
GLFWAPI GLFWusercontext* glfwGetCurrentUserContext(void)
return _glfwPlatformGetTls(&_glfw.usercontextSlot);
\ No newline at end of file
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