Commit c3b8afc5 authored by Camilla Löwy's avatar Camilla Löwy
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X11: Cleanup

This is technically valid but misleading and may inspire future bugs
like the one fixed by 0b652a44d2afe593d6eca8a0d586c20555a0497c.

(cherry picked from commit 73a8ebb691813ccdc1531c1bd916c352ac0b7574)
parent 4df0a2b3
......@@ -682,7 +682,7 @@ static GLFWbool createNativeWindow(_GLFWwindow* window,
XChangeProperty(_glfw.x11.display, window->x11.handle,
_glfw.x11.NET_WM_STATE, XA_ATOM, 32,
PropModeReplace, (unsigned char*) &states, count);
PropModeReplace, (unsigned char*) states, count);
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