Commit 8a8eefa0 authored by Corentin Wallez's avatar Corentin Wallez Committed by Camilla Löwy
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Fail Vulkan surface creation if window has context

OpenGL / OpenGL ES cannot share presentation on a window with Vulkan.
This adds an error to `glfwCreateWindowSurface` when it is called on a
window without the GLFW_CLIENT_API hint set to GLFW_NO_API.  This
prevents undefined bahevior and hard to debug crashes.

Fixes #1194.
Closes #1205.
parent 525ad7bf
......@@ -178,6 +178,8 @@ information on what to include when reporting a bug.
- Added `GLFW_OSMESA_CONTEXT_API` for creating OpenGL contexts with
[OSMesa]( (#281)
- Added `GenerateMappings.cmake` script for updating gamepad mappings
- Made `glfwCreateWindowSurface` emit an error when the window has a context
- Deprecated window parameter of clipboard string functions
- Deprecated charmods callback
- Removed `GLFW_USE_RETINA` compile-time option
......@@ -442,6 +444,7 @@ skills.
- Ricardo Vieira
- Nicholas Vitovitch
- Simon Voordouw
- Corentin Wallez
- Torsten Walluhn
- Patrick Walton
- Xo Wang
......@@ -230,6 +230,10 @@ if (err)
If an OpenGL or OpenGL ES context was created on the window, the context has
ownership of the presentation on the window and a Vulkan surface cannot be
It is your responsibility to destroy the surface. GLFW does not destroy it for
you. Call `vkDestroySurfaceKHR` function from the same extension to destroy it.
......@@ -5441,6 +5441,11 @@ GLFWAPI int glfwGetPhysicalDevicePresentationSupport(VkInstance instance, VkPhys
* glfwGetRequiredInstanceExtensions to check what instance extensions are
* required.
* The window surface cannot be shared with another API so the window must
* have been created with the [client api hint](@ref GLFW_CLIENT_API_attrib)
* set to `GLFW_NO_API` otherwise it generates a @ref GLFW_INVALID_VALUE error
* The window surface must be destroyed before the specified Vulkan instance.
* It is the responsibility of the caller to destroy the window surface. GLFW
* does not destroy it for you. Call `vkDestroySurfaceKHR` to destroy the
......@@ -5456,7 +5461,7 @@ GLFWAPI int glfwGetPhysicalDevicePresentationSupport(VkInstance instance, VkPhys
* [error](@ref error_handling) occurred.
* @errors Possible errors include @ref GLFW_NOT_INITIALIZED, @ref
* @remark If an error occurs before the creation call is made, GLFW returns
* the Vulkan error code most appropriate for the error. Appropriate use of
......@@ -317,6 +317,13 @@ GLFWAPI VkResult glfwCreateWindowSurface(VkInstance instance,
if (window->context.client != GLFW_NO_API)
"Vulkan: Window surface creation requires the window to have the client API set to GLFW_NO_API");
return _glfwPlatformCreateWindowSurface(instance, window, allocator, surface);
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