Commit 62993d93 authored by Dominique Martinet's avatar Dominique Martinet Committed by linkmauve
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x11 window: update cursor position on enter event

click events would have an incorrect position after changing workspace,
if the mouse didn't move in between.
(Another example where this matters is a new window, if it appears under
the cursor, clicking would lead the application to think the user clicked
at 0,0)
parent da8f3bc1
......@@ -1455,12 +1455,20 @@ static void processEvent(XEvent *event)
case EnterNotify:
// XEnterWindowEvent is XCrossingEvent
const int x = event->xcrossing.x;
const int y = event->xcrossing.y;
// HACK: This is a workaround for WMs (KWM, Fluxbox) that otherwise
// ignore the defined cursor for hidden cursor mode
if (window->cursorMode == GLFW_CURSOR_HIDDEN)
_glfwInputCursorEnter(window, GLFW_TRUE);
_glfwInputCursorPos(window, x, y);
window->x11.lastCursorPosX = x;
window->x11.lastCursorPosY = y;
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