Commit 4c06426d authored by Emmanuel Gil Peyrot's avatar Emmanuel Gil Peyrot Committed by Camilla Berglund
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Wayland: Create the surface before the context

This fixes a regression introduced in 496f559c where a context would be
created for a NULL egl_surface, which subsequently fails.

Fixes #633.
parent 9f3636a1
......@@ -238,15 +238,15 @@ int _glfwPlatformCreateWindow(_GLFWwindow* window,
const _GLFWctxconfig* ctxconfig,
const _GLFWfbconfig* fbconfig)
if (!createSurface(window, wndconfig))
return GLFW_FALSE;
if (ctxconfig->api != GLFW_NO_API)
if (!_glfwCreateContext(window, ctxconfig, fbconfig))
return GLFW_FALSE;
if (!createSurface(window, wndconfig))
return GLFW_FALSE;
if (wndconfig->monitor)
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