Commit 452a648a authored by Lukas Zanner's avatar Lukas Zanner Committed by Camilla Löwy
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Fix typo in glfwGetRequiredInstanceExtensions docs

Closes #1500.

(cherry picked from commit 84b13113ed5e16aa29a0f5b4a0e95487081184a3)
parent 75b415c5
......@@ -5650,7 +5650,7 @@ GLFWAPI int glfwVulkanSupported(void);
* This function returns an array of names of Vulkan instance extensions required
* by GLFW for creating Vulkan surfaces for GLFW windows. If successful, the
* list will always contains `VK_KHR_surface`, so if you don't require any
* list will always contain `VK_KHR_surface`, so if you don't require any
* additional extensions you can pass this list directly to the
* `VkInstanceCreateInfo` struct.
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