Commit 3fd70cc5 authored by Doug Binks's avatar Doug Binks Committed by Camilla Löwy
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Documentation work

This adds documentation for the width and height parameters of

Related to #1322.
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......@@ -1942,6 +1942,8 @@ GLFWAPI void glfwGetMonitorPos(GLFWmonitor* monitor, int* xpos, int* ypos);
* @param[in] monitor The monitor to query.
* @param[out] xpos Where to store the monitor x-coordinate, or `NULL`.
* @param[out] ypos Where to store the monitor y-coordinate, or `NULL`.
* @param[out] width Where to store the monitor width, or `NULL`.
* @param[out] height Where to store the monitor height, or `NULL`.
* @errors Possible errors include @ref GLFW_NOT_INITIALIZED and @ref
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