Commit 3facbd20 authored by Luflosi's avatar Luflosi Committed by Camilla Löwy
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Use the correct type for a struct member

The `name` member in the `_GLFWmonitorWayland` struct is used in two places. It is assigned the value from a variable of type `uint32_t` and is compared to another variable of type `uint32_t`, so `name` should also have the same type.

Closes #1569.

(cherry picked from commit d25248343e248337284dfbe5ecd1eddbd37ae66d)
parent e4e95815
......@@ -332,7 +332,7 @@ typedef struct _GLFWlibraryWayland
typedef struct _GLFWmonitorWayland
struct wl_output* output;
int name;
uint32_t name;
int currentMode;
int x;
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