Commit 276b1bc0 authored by Camilla Berglund's avatar Camilla Berglund
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Add check for EGL specific buffer swap issue

Fixes #675.
parent 12d49eaf
......@@ -96,6 +96,8 @@ used by the tests and examples and are not required to build the library.
- [GLX] Bugfix: NetBSD does not provide ``
- [EGL] Added `_GLFW_USE_EGLPLATFORM_H` configuration macro for controlling
whether to use an existing `EGL/eglplatform.h` header
- [EGL] Added and documented test for if the context is current on the calling
thread during buffer swap
- [EGL] Removed dependency on external EGL headers
......@@ -3429,6 +3429,9 @@ GLFWAPI GLFWwindow* glfwGetCurrentContext(void);
* @param[in] window The window whose buffers to swap.
* @remarks __EGL:__ The context of the specified window must be current on the
* calling thread.
* @par Thread Safety
* This function may be called from any thread.
......@@ -584,6 +584,13 @@ void _glfwPlatformMakeContextCurrent(_GLFWwindow* window)
void _glfwPlatformSwapBuffers(_GLFWwindow* window)
if (window != _glfwPlatformGetCurrentContext())
"EGL: The context must be current on the calling thread when swapping buffers");
eglSwapBuffers(_glfw.egl.display, window->context.egl.surface);
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