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    Cocoa: Fix pre-window-creation event processing · 2da4adce
    Camilla Löwy authored
    Polling the event queue before NSApp had been allowed to finish
    launching, in our case by starting our self-terminating run loop,
    triggered an assertion inside NSApplication.
    This fix, which makes all event processing functions capable of starting
    it, makes that assertion less likely.
    A more Cocoa-friendly fix would be to finish launching NSApp during
    glfwInit and let people annoyed by the menu bar disabled it with
    GLFW_COCOA_MENUBAR.  That may not be suitable for 3.3-stable, though.
    Fixes #1543.
    (cherry picked from commit 6e6805000ac7ddf39c8c5f6be3e877770cba5083)
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