Commit f52c2589 authored by Ballabriga Clément's avatar Ballabriga Clément
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contraintes analyse modulaire

parent 97e0f98f
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ CXXFLAGS=`otawa-config otawa/oslice --cflags`
LIBS=`otawa-config otawa/oslice --libs`
CXXFLAGS+=-fPIC -Wall -DUSE_CLANG_COMPLETER -std=c++11 -march=native -O3
CXXFLAGS+=-fPIC -Wall -DUSE_CLANG_COMPLETER -std=c++11 -march=native -O0 -g
......@@ -1279,11 +1279,17 @@ PPLDomain PPLDomain::onSemInst(const sem::inst &si, int /*instaddr*/) const {
sem::reg_t addr = si.a();
Ident idStoreAddr(addr, Ident::ID_REG);
//TODO move this shit in some handleInput() method, and call it on other register ops, too
Variable storeAddr = s_out.getVarOrNew(idStoreAddr, true); //l'adresse d'ecriture peut etre un input
sem::reg_t src = si.d();
Ident idStoreValue(src, Ident::ID_REG);
bool isInput = !s_out.hasIdent(idStoreValue);
Variable storeValue = s_out.getVarOrNew(idStoreValue, true); //la valeur d'ecriture peut etre un input
if (isInput) {
// s_out.doNewConstraint(storeValue + 1 <= int(stackconf_t::STACK_TOP) - int(stackconf_t::STACK_SIZE));
for (MyHTable<Ident, int, HashIdent>::PairIterator it(s_out.id2axis); it; it++)
......@@ -1421,6 +1427,8 @@ PPLDomain PPLDomain::onSemInst(const sem::inst &si, int /*instaddr*/) const {
// s_out._summary->_inputs.add(idInputVal);
s_out.doNewConstraint(currentVal == inputVal);
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