Commit a5f28c51 authored by BERTHAUT Florent's avatar BERTHAUT Florent
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Fixed compile flags for osx

parent 97859082
......@@ -50,13 +50,13 @@ if env['platform'] == "osx":
env['target_path'] += 'osx/'
cpp_library += '.osx'
env.Append(CXXFLAGS=['-std=c++17', '-framework CoreAudio', '-framework CoreFoundation'])
env.Append(LINKFLAGS=['-arch', 'x86_64','-framework',
'CoreAudio', '-framework', 'CoreFoundation'])
if env['target'] in ('debug', 'd'):
env.Append(CCFLAGS=['-g', '-O2', '-arch', 'x86_64'])
env.Append(LINKFLAGS=['-arch', 'x86_64'])
env.Append(CCFLAGS=['-g', '-O3', '-arch', 'x86_64'])
env.Append(LINKFLAGS=['-arch', 'x86_64'])
elif env['platform'] in ('x11', 'linux'):
env['target_path'] += 'x11/'
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